Are the Wives of the Prophet From His Ahl al-Bayt? & Who was Ayah Al-Tathir Revealed For?

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

‎اللَّهُمَّ صَلِّ عَلَى مُحَمَّدٍ وَعَلَى آلِ مُحَمَّدٍ

He argues in both these articles that the Wives of the Prophet are from his Ahlul Bayet, who are also who Ayat Al Tathir was revealed for. I present my argument:

Does Ayat Al Tatheer 33:33 actually include the wives of the Prophet (sawa)? Let's take a look at 33:33 "Allah only intends to keep ˹the causes of˺ evil away from you and purify you completely, O members of the ˹Prophet’s˺ family!" "The cause of evil" is translated from Rijs رجس. Rijs has multiple meanings and has appeared in the Quran such as in verse 5:90 (O believers! Intoxicants, gambling, idols, and drawing lots for decisions are all evil of Satan’s handiwork. So shun them so you may be successful." All evil here is referred to rijs, and rijs is stated as Satan's handiwork. So we can say Rijs is from the work of Satan. (For more meanings of Rijs check ( In verse 33:33 Allah (swt) says that he intends to keep away the rijs from Ahlul bayet, meaning that away from any evil or influence of Satan.

In Al Tabari we can see that he confirms this meaning of keeping away any evil or influence of satan. Intends "يريد" in the Quran doesn't mean that he could have intended and not done it, rather if its intended then it is done. An example is from this verse 5:91 "Satan intends to stir up hostility and hatred between you with intoxicants and gambling and to prevent you from remembering Allah and praying. Will you not then abstain?" Satan intends to stir up hostility and hatred between you, but he has been doing that before, and after the verse has come.

Now to where we reached, Allah (swt) removed (intends to remove, but as explained, it is in action) the rijs from Ahlul Bayet. If we can prove that the wives of the Prophet have had evil deeds then we can prove that this verse did not include them Now let's take a look at Surat Al Tahreem 66:4 "˹It will be better˺ if you ˹wives˺ both turn to Allah in repentance, for your hearts have certainly faltered. But if you ˹continue to˺ collaborate against him"

In Al Tabari it states that "Your hearts have certainly faltered" refers to that your hearts have sinned and strayed. And that "continue to collaborate against him" refers to disobeying the Prophet and causing harm to him We see in Surat Al Tawbah Verse 61 "Those who hurt Allah’s Messenger will suffer a painful punishment." We see in Surat Al Ahzab Verse 36 "Indeed, whoever disobeys Allah and His Messenger has clearly gone ˹far˺ astray" And we know that in Surat Al Tahreem verse 4 it is referring to Aisha and Hafsa. So, their hearts sinned and strayed, and have disobeyed the Prophet (sawa) and caused him harm. Now for the conclusion, we have two scenarios.

1) Aisha and Hafsa were influenced by Satan to do the stated above, and therefore we agree that verse 33:33 does not include the wives of the Prophet (sawa) otherwise it would have been impossible for them to do such things.

2) Aisha and Hafsa are inherently evil women who do not need the influence of Satan to bring harm to the Prophet (sawa)

"In case anyone wants to argue that Ayat Al Tatheer may have come after the incident, it did not. Surat Al Ahzab came before Surat Al Tahreem.ترتيب_سور_القرآن_حسب_النزول"

I believe that the main reason for why Ayat Al Tatheer came in between verses of wives of the Prophet, is that linguistically Ahlul Bayet can mean the wives, and from separating the speech of the wives and the speech directed to Ahlul Bayet, we can understand that the wives are dissociated from Ahlul Bayet and are not considered among those who have rijs kept away from them and purified

For those who want to argue from Hadith, this link presents over 500 sources from Sunni hadith that says that the Ayat was revealed for the five under the Kisa who are: The Prophet (sawa), Imam Ali (as), Sayyida Fatima (sa) and Al Hassan (as) and Al Hussain (as). Also we can see in some of the hadiths a continuation where the Prophet (sawa) disassociates Umm Salama (ra) from the five, meaning that she isn’t whom the Ayah is revealed for, and thus the Wives aren’t included. We also see this Hadith from Bukhari in which Aisha says “ Aisha said from behind a screen, "Allah did not reveal anything from the Qur'an about us except what was connected with the declaration of my innocence (of the slander).